it's raining in sydney

We've been to the opera! Louissa, Inca and me and we were listening to Beethovens 5th ( da da da da- thats what it says in the program). Dressed like ladys!It was amazing! What a great concert! I've been also to the Jazzfestival which was also amzing. We were sitting on the ground eating cheese and drinking wine, listening to the music! Fantastic! Now it's raining all the time which is more than annoying! I'm working a lot and can"t wait until Nina will arrive and we'll going to Melbourne. Today i tried to change my fligth because I want to stay for a few days in taipeh but it's not possible. Unless I would stay for a week. So I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if Taipeh is so exciting to stay for a week. We'll see.
phtots: 1. me at the jazz festival 2. me and louissa at the opera 3. Inca and me at the opera 4. -5. jazzfestival 6. me at the opera 7. solo my favourite australien limonade 8. sydney, redfern in the rain

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