Fass auf

..oder willkommen in der deutschen Sprache! Ich bin gerade in Hobart und abgesehen davon dass wir heute und gestern unglaubliche 16 Grad haben ist es nachts auch unglaublich kalt! Bevor meine Finger also am Rechner einfrieren soll an dieser Stelle nur kurz gesagt werden:
Ich komm wieder une begiesse das:
am 11.08.07.
es wird gegrillt und getrunken ist aber ne Selbstversorger Party! Also alles selbst mitbringen!
(Jutta, hab dich leider auf meiner e-mail List nicht draufgehabt aber deine Schwester muesste ne e-mail bekommen haben und dir hoffentlich bescheid gesagt haben, sorry)

Ich bin uebrigens alleine zu Hause, also keine Angst, niemand muss sich schickmachen oder sich benehmen oder Blumen mitbringen, hoechstens mir!

Kann kaum erwarten eure neuen Falten zu zahlen!


willsons promotory, great ocean road, adelaide, grampians

we went camping and it was awesome! we saw so many wild koalas, kangaroos, emus and wombats! it was amazing! but it was freezing! we did so many great walks! and we killdes two birds while driving! we also were feeding some wild kangoroos and one of them had a little joey ( a small kangaroo) in his back! so cute! most of the time I was driving and I was very surprised that it's not as difficult as it seem to be in the beginning. by the way my digital camera is broken so these are the last photos until I'm back home! I'm sorry! if nothing goes wrong i'll be back at the 8th of august! love to see all your guys when I'm back home! so you'll better come to my welcome party! i don't know exactly the date but i'll let you know!
photos: willsons promotory , nina camping in halls gap( grampians), our wicked van in halls gap, birds in willsons promotory and the beach of willsons promotory



Melbourene is so nice! what a beautiful city! we've got a really nice and cosy hostel at st.kilda which included a cat and a nice fireplace. and we booked a dorm but now we got a three bed room but there only the two of us!the only bad thing is that it's bloody cold. today a had to buy gloves because my hands were freezing!
We hired a campervan for the next 10 days to travell around melbourne, doing the great ocean road and other nice things! tomorrow we'll start at willsons prometory and then we'll go to philipps island to do some pengiun watching and things like that. by the way the name of our campervan is Ultra Rambo!
photos: 1.shop next to our hostel 2. bakery in st. kildas 3. victoria market 4. melbourne city 5. flinders station 6. the nice and cosy hostel called olembia 7. witch in a bitch, a restaurant 8. lord of the fries