I'm going to the Opera

We'll going to the opera next week! we bought some tickets for Beethoven! I'm so excited! this weekend I really didn't do anything. Me and Louissa went to paddys market on saturday and get some fruits and spending to hole evening playing shithead. I think i already said that I really hate my job but the good thing about it is that i don't have to buy any food because i can take everything that's left at home and all the other shops like the fish shop and the sushi shop and the sandwich shop are also giving us all the things that they can't sell anymore. So nearly every night i come home with big bags of food for me and the other people who living in the hostel. So today we bought the tickets and made a nice walk near circular quai during the sunset!
Photos: 1. me and Louissa standing and looking at habour bridge 2. habour bridge 3. opera house at night 4. art in the botanic garden 5. an owl sitting in the tree infront of the hostel


german bakery

My job is the worst job i ever did in Australia since now! My boss is a bitch ( sorry for saying this bad word but it't true). And i really hope that this is not the german mantality but rather that she's a really unfriendly person. Every time when I'm doing something right she doesn't says a word but when I'm doing something wrong she scream in the very hysterical way; "oh my good! what are you doing?" But today my colleague told me that she's doing that to every new staff. So I'm the new victim as my colleague told me. Great! But the good thing is that i can get all the food that's left so every day I've got plenty of german rolls and sweets things to eat and the other people of the hostel also. I can't wait untill Nina will come and we'll travelling together to Melbourne and all the other places. And I also can't wait to see all your guys back home! We'll have a brilliant party withe becks thank youKarsten) and drinking games ( I love to do that Sebastian) !!!



Photos! 1. the sky in the evening in Bicheno, Tasmania 2. georgina trys to say some bad words in german and she is doing a real good job! 3. Don't try to drink the goon ("Kaiser Stuhl"), it has milkproducts, fish and eggs in it 4. sealion in the habour of Hobart 5. Mount Wellington, the view onto Hobart 6. only in german sorry, wer sich immer schon gefragt hat wohin denn die lustige perusanische Musikgruppe aus der Osnabruecker Innenstadt verschwunden ist, dem sei hiermit geholfen: sie ist jetzt auf dem Salamanca market in Hobart


back in sydney

sice monday I'm back in Sydeny, back in my old room in my olde bed. I had a really bad start. At first my old boss, the guy who owns the cafe i was working told my that I can get my olde job back and promised me to call my. But he did't called. So I went there and he was't there. Then the next time I met him at the cafe and he said he will call me. But he did't and guess what, he wasn't at the cafe. After a few days I felt like an idiot and decided to get a new job. But I did't find one. But yesterday I finally found one at the german bakery. It's ok, I mean The people are not so friendly and nice like the Australiens ( of course, they are german) but it's a job. I'm really afraid getting back to germany because I think it will be very difficult not having all this nice and polite people around you. And I made two decision, the first is that I'm not going to fly to Darwin, because only the flight would cost me 500$. So I think I'll go back to Tasmania for a week because I really enjoyed it and it's definetly a place I want to go back. The second decision is that I'll be back at the beginning of August. Perhaps I'll stay for 3 or 4 days in Taipeh because my flight stops there and I really liked the city when I was there before I came to Australia. So now you can start and organise my welcome back party. I definitely want to have a cold Becks when I come back!


hobart and the sun is shining

Today I was visiting the female factory, a prison for the first prisoners from england and ireland. It was very intersting althrough you could't see much because there were only the walls left of the building. But the weather was so beautiful. I was only wearing a t-shirt and sitting in the sun for hours and reading. Then I want to the german bakery and bought a wheatroll. I was so disappointed. It was dry and not very delicious, but the Brezel was nice. After taht I was running for hour through the streets of Battery Point the most beautiful part of Hobart and made a lot of photos of the lovely houses. I really could live in Hobart it's one of the most beautiful cities if ever been.
photos> 1. when I was going to Hobart at thursday I had to change at Campelltown, and there's a shop called 'little peace of heaven'. They selling millions of sweets in glasses so you can make your one sweet mix. It's fantastic!
2. douglas apsley national park 3. bushfire in Bicheno, they burning the small bushes to protect the forest of bigger fire, I haven't got a clue if this is a good thing to but I'm pretty shure that all the animals don't like to get burned 4. bicheno at the whale watch point 5. typical tasmanien animals the unique tasmanien llama 5. Bicheno, the fishing habour


freycinet national park

The Freycinet National Park was amazing! I was hinking there for 2 1/2 days and camping near the beaches! The only bad thing was that my backpack was definetly much to heavy. About 15kg I think. So sometimes it was more stress than fun. but at the last day when I woke up and was starting to walk the last track I was alone at the beach and I saw about 7 dolphins. it was awesome! I looked at them about 1/2 hour. Amazing! And there was a wallaby mot near my tent but so close that I could touch it, but I didn't because you never know if they are ill or something like that. But it wasn't shy at all. So cute! After that I wnt to Bicheno for a few days and went to so some pinguine spotting. And I saw one and heard them scream in the dune. It was fantastic and they are so sweet, they are the smallest pinguins of the wold, I read in my trevellguide. Bicheno was so beautiful. So many nice places where you could walk for hours. I also went to the Douglas Apsley National Park for a daywalk. It was so nice and quite and I was the only one who was walking there. maybe because of the river you had to cross. I had to take of my shoes and walk barefoot through. I think that's why I didn't saw someone. Today I came back to Hobart and recieved a massage from madndi, a girl from the staats I met at Peters House( Wwoofing farm). And she told me that he ask her to go because I was honest and told hin at the guestbook what I'm thinking about him. I had never wrote the truth but the days before he was talking all the time that it is no problem when someone tells him the truth. And so I did. But I was very polite, I only wrote that there are always to sides of the story and that I hope that he will learn to accept other people way of live. And than I also said many nice things. Oh, and I wrote it in german but there was a guy from austria who translated the things I wrote. Sp and when Mandi came back alle the way from Derby, she helped my carrying my luggage, he ask her to go because he was thinking that she thought the same way I did. This was true but what I wrote has nothing to do with her! Asshole. Whatever, tomorrow I will visit the female factory, about how woman were working in Hobart. Seems interesting.
Kommentar auf deutsch> erst mal zu den empoerten e-mails. nein, helge schreibt nicht die bescheuerten kommentare sondern meine familie. womit eigentlich alles gesagt sein sollte. nur noch ein hinweis, um familienangelegenheiten auszutragen bitte ich doch ausdruecklich dies per e-mail zu tun. dies ist naemlich ein blog in dem ich meine erlebnisse dokumentieren moechte und nicht irgendwelche persoenlichen angelegenheiten besprechen moechte. vielen dank. korrekturen, hinsichtlich meiner englischkenntnisse sind somit sher willkommen!
Pictures> 1. wallabie in front of my tent. 2. dolphines at wineglass bay 3. pinguines in bicheno 4. -5. Bicheno


a good day in Hobart

today I booked my trip to the Freycinet National Park. It took the woman from the Visitors Centre about half an hour to find out which bus i'll have to take. And I was thinking again: Am I the first one who want's to do a trip by bus? But now I booked and that means that I'll start on friday to the national park and walk there for maybe 2 days. After that I'll go to Bicheno because there i heard that there are also some nice walks and you can go for pinguine spotting! I never saw wild pinguines before so that'll be very exciting! So I'll be back in Hobart next friday and fly on monday morning back to Sydney.

As I said before, Hobart is so beautiful! Today I spent the whole day taking pictures of beautiful houses and visiting Cafes, reading for hours. And! I was at the German Bakery and bought a Brezel which was fantastic! I really miss the german bread! And the funiest thing was that this bakery also looked exactly like a bakery in Germany.
Photos: 1. Hobart Habour 2. german bakery 3/4. battery point 5. Hobart habour


good buy overlandtrack, welcome Freycinet National Park

I'm really pissed! I think I told everybody that I want to do the Overlandtrack. So yesterday I was in Launceston at the visitor centre to ask how I get there and so on. After a few compications like at the way back I have to stay for 2 days in a small village and so on they told me that is might be easier to start from Hobart because my flight goes from Hobart at the 14th. So today I went to the visitor centre in Hobart and guess what they told me! The best way to do the Overlandtrack is to start at Launceston. So now I'm pissed and so I decided to go to the Freycinet National Park to do some walks there. It's at the eastcoast and looks beautiful but the walks are all day or 2 day walks. But better than nothing. Sorry but fu..ing tassis. I always believed that a visitor centre should help people and don't make them crazy. It's a little bit like in one of these Asterix Comics. But well, I'm very glad to be in Hobart again. It's so nice. I really love it. Oh by the way, if I'll do any faults please correct me! Photos>1. Hobart 2. the schnabeligel 3. near the house where I was wwoofing 4. me and the pick 3. the Kookaboora