hobart and the sun is shining

Today I was visiting the female factory, a prison for the first prisoners from england and ireland. It was very intersting althrough you could't see much because there were only the walls left of the building. But the weather was so beautiful. I was only wearing a t-shirt and sitting in the sun for hours and reading. Then I want to the german bakery and bought a wheatroll. I was so disappointed. It was dry and not very delicious, but the Brezel was nice. After taht I was running for hour through the streets of Battery Point the most beautiful part of Hobart and made a lot of photos of the lovely houses. I really could live in Hobart it's one of the most beautiful cities if ever been.
photos> 1. when I was going to Hobart at thursday I had to change at Campelltown, and there's a shop called 'little peace of heaven'. They selling millions of sweets in glasses so you can make your one sweet mix. It's fantastic!
2. douglas apsley national park 3. bushfire in Bicheno, they burning the small bushes to protect the forest of bigger fire, I haven't got a clue if this is a good thing to but I'm pretty shure that all the animals don't like to get burned 4. bicheno at the whale watch point 5. typical tasmanien animals the unique tasmanien llama 5. Bicheno, the fishing habour

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