good buy overlandtrack, welcome Freycinet National Park

I'm really pissed! I think I told everybody that I want to do the Overlandtrack. So yesterday I was in Launceston at the visitor centre to ask how I get there and so on. After a few compications like at the way back I have to stay for 2 days in a small village and so on they told me that is might be easier to start from Hobart because my flight goes from Hobart at the 14th. So today I went to the visitor centre in Hobart and guess what they told me! The best way to do the Overlandtrack is to start at Launceston. So now I'm pissed and so I decided to go to the Freycinet National Park to do some walks there. It's at the eastcoast and looks beautiful but the walks are all day or 2 day walks. But better than nothing. Sorry but fu..ing tassis. I always believed that a visitor centre should help people and don't make them crazy. It's a little bit like in one of these Asterix Comics. But well, I'm very glad to be in Hobart again. It's so nice. I really love it. Oh by the way, if I'll do any faults please correct me! Photos>1. Hobart 2. the schnabeligel 3. near the house where I was wwoofing 4. me and the pick 3. the Kookaboora

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