german bakery

My job is the worst job i ever did in Australia since now! My boss is a bitch ( sorry for saying this bad word but it't true). And i really hope that this is not the german mantality but rather that she's a really unfriendly person. Every time when I'm doing something right she doesn't says a word but when I'm doing something wrong she scream in the very hysterical way; "oh my good! what are you doing?" But today my colleague told me that she's doing that to every new staff. So I'm the new victim as my colleague told me. Great! But the good thing is that i can get all the food that's left so every day I've got plenty of german rolls and sweets things to eat and the other people of the hostel also. I can't wait untill Nina will come and we'll travelling together to Melbourne and all the other places. And I also can't wait to see all your guys back home! We'll have a brilliant party withe becks thank youKarsten) and drinking games ( I love to do that Sebastian) !!!

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krstn hat gesagt…

schon gehört? ihr habt nen rocherkrieg banditos vs. hells-angels in laggenbeck.... ein toter wekstattbesitzer bis dato...
sonny barger hätte bestimmt ein tränchen vor rührung im rechten auge.
so, schnell abschikken, das gewitter geht los und sonst ist der rechner hin, die sicherungen sind von vor dem vorletzten krieg